Fromm Style Artistry Intuition The Glosser Boar Bristle Brush #NBB034

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Fromm Style Artistry Intuition The Glosser Boar Bristle Brush #NBB034

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Fromm Style Artistry Intuition The Glosser Boar Bristle Brush #NBB034

Get a glossy finish with this everyday boar bristle brush.

• Rid hair shaft of hidden dust and debris while distributing oils from the scalp along hair strand for a glossy finish

• Longer pins massage scalp while shorter bristles add tension

• Reduces tugging to protect hair and scalp

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  1. SMOOTH FINISH FOR HAIR 0 people found this helpful

    The Fromm Intuition Glosser Boar Bristle Brush gives my hair a great smooth and shiny finish. I love this brush especially when straightening my hair. As a curly girl this isn't a brush I would use unless I'm going for a straight look. It has premium porcupine bristles. The longer bristles massage the scalp and that actually promotes scalp health and hair growth. My daughter who has straight hair absolutely loves this brush and has taken it from me. She uses it on the daily. Her hair looks incredibly shiny and healthy.
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  2. FROMM GLOSSER BOAR/NYLON BRUSH 0 people found this helpful

    This GLOSSER BOAR/NYLON BRUSH was really crafted with quality materials. The handle feels very nice and the weight of the brush itself is distributed evenly. I recently cut my hair, and now brushing my hair no longer feels like a major chore with this fabulous hairbrush. I highly recommend giving it a try if you're in the market for a new hairbrush.
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  3. WOW IT'S AMAZING 0 people found this helpful

    Holy moly, I've used many brushes over the years but none have come close to the Fromm Style Artistry Intuition Glosser boar bristle brush. It makes my hair so soft and smooth, it gives my hair a nice shine, it feels so healthy and overall looks amazing. This brush is great and is my gift for my closest friends this holiday season.
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  4. WAS SURPRISINGLY IMPRESSED 0 people found this helpful

    So usually with the thickness of my hair(very thick and coarse) I just stick to HARD bristled brushes, combs etc so when I received this one I was a little skeptical but of course I have it a try.... It works amazingly! I tried on dry non tagled hair first WOW let's step it up I though... So I took a shower and made sure not to do any pre detangling.... To me happiness and surprise this brush was a soldier!!! Brushed through quickly, didn't pull and minimal hair in brush when done.. I'm super pleased with this one for sure!!!! I received this product in exchange for my honest review
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  5. I love this brush!! 0 people found this helpful

    Often my hair gets so tangled it mats after a couple of days. It used to be so painful brushing it out. Now NOT PAINFUL AT ALL!! I have to buy my daughter one now who has REALLY CURLY LONG HAIR WHO LOVES TO SURF!!! Because she won’t stop taking mine from my bathroom lol. Love the hairbrush!
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