Wahl Liquid Lather 64 oz #68907-100

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Wahl Liquid Lather 64 oz #68907-100

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Wahl Liquid Lather 64 oz #68907-100

From Wahl Professional’s line of products, the ’19 Premixed Liquid Lather is intended for professional use only with the Wahl ’19 Liquid Lather Machine. Wahl’s ’19 Premixed Liquid Lather solution is ready-to-go right out of the bottle, simply our in, heat up, and you are ready to go! Available in two sizes, our lather contains vitamin E to soothe the skin, making it suitable and beneficial for sensitive skin types.

To use Wahl Professional ’19 Premixed Liquid Lather, remove the lid of your Wahl ’19 Liquid Lather Machine, take out the retaining bottle, and unscrew the pump. Fill bottle up to (but not past) the fill line with liquid lather. Allow to heat for 50 minutes for optimal use.

Wahl ’19 Premixed Liquid Lather (#68907-100) comes in a re-sealable 64 ounce bottle and a 12 ounce bottle (#68907). Designed for use with the Wahl Professional ’19 Liquid Lather Machine.

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    The lather is a great product. The reason why it gets 4 stars(instead of 5) is because it dries out very quickly and does not leave the skin hydrated or lubricated enough to shave after it has dried out, which ultimately means that you will have to reapply lather to keep the skin moist enough to shave. I am a professional barber and the fact that it dries out quickly doesn't affect my work and performance because I always prep the skin with pre-shave oil before even applying the lather. After that I put a hot towel on the clients face for a couple of minutes. After taking off the hot towel I apply more hot lather to the face before the shave. The pre-shave oil, hot lather, towel, hot lather sequence is great in a professional setting. What I do love about the lather is its consistency(not too thick or too loose), also the fact that it's already pre-mixed, which makes everything easier for me because I don't have to take time out of my busy schedule to perfectly mix the solution with water. Coupled with the lather machine, the lather works wonders because of the perfect temperature it reaches, a very nice HOT, but not too hot. Never had any complaints from any of the hundreds of clients I've shaved using this lather. If anything, I've gotten many a compliments. I also love the fact that the lather doesn't have any smell or strong odor to it. It's a pretty plain and simple lather that works very well. I have recommended this lather and the Wahl 1919 lather machine to many barbers and will continue to do so. If it wouldn't dry out so quickly and if it would leave the face a little more lubricated after it drying out I would give it 5 stars.
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